The rights of and to the Earth for every creature

  • As its offspring we all, everyone, have an equal non-withdrawal inalienable right to a fair share of the earth (nature) for subsistence, personal survival and personal production (non-destructive but reproducible production).
  • In many cases it’s not possible or practical to subsist strictly from your own efforts from nature. So a payment should be made not only for renumeration for the loss or limited access to the commons but as payment for not over indulging and depletion of the commons.
  • Where you have property you have to have a payment model to cover the cost of those without property. And the limits of property are around an established personal space. And not more than 2 properties. Where extra space is concerned its contracted or expanded as necessary (up to the personal place).
  • Societies must include the lunch line ethic for things like basic necessities. You don’t get a second meal while someone else hasn’t had firsts. You don’t get a 2nd house until everyone gets a first.


Thoughts and opinions are my own. Some ideas from the basic income movement including Karl Widerquist and others.



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