A few stories to understand obstacles of people without homes

  • Person A is someone who is working and makes enough for rent an apartment but landlords deny them a rental because they do not have 3x income as rent, 3 months work history, 3 months payment for first, last and deposit or a low credit score (This is called pricing them out of housing — some call it gentrification)
  • Person B makes enough to pay to the mortgage of a house but denied by double rent law (also priced out)
  • Person C who is not making anything and wants to build their own housing
  • Person D is someone who has additional conditions that prevent them from housing

Person A — Apartment renter

Person who makes enough to cover the cost of rent ($1500 a month) but the rental applications require the persons income to be triple rent ($4500 a month).

Person B — The Home Buyer

Mortgages are usually much less than rent plus what you pay into the house goes towards owning the house. Mortgages are half or a third of rent.

Person C — No income

This person is unemployed with no income. There are plenty of reasons why someone is unemployed. The main one right now is pandemic related unemployment.

  • Let him, others and / or the city build homes on public land. He is part of the public.
  • Second solution is below

Person D — Services necessary

Besides the challenges mentioned in the situations listed above this person has health or mental health conditions that make any housing impossible.

What are the general solutions?

There are few general things that will help all situations.

  • Removing low income exclusionary rental (and home) requirements
  • Rent control
  • Unconditional Basic Income
  • Opening the commons
  • Provide a converted sprinter van and safe parking
  • Build Levitowns
  • What if there is no work? Automation and outsourcing have had huge impacts on the job market
  • Or what if no one is hiring? There are highly qualified people with years of experience who have no work.
  • What if the homeless already are working? There are working homeless right now. They have work but can’t get housing.



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