The day was near dusk. Bill had spent all day learning the ropes of sailing. Working as a deck hand wasn’t his first choice but he wanted to get to that island and this was a way he could pay his fair.

Henry, also had places to go and he…

Imagine one day you went to meet someone in town about a putting up a gatorade stand for people at the entrance of the city trails and running paths.

As you walked downtown you stopped in a park. Out of the blue he would say random things.

“I don’t want…

Remember when Jesus said, “Utopia is impossible! Don’t even try!” Whenever someone says let’s make society better someone always pops up and says, “Utopia is a fantasy.”


Utopia is possible because we already have natural Utopias and we already have made man-made Utopias. There are archaic reasons why…


design, education, basic income, person, drafts of something rather than nothing, practice, attempting to put thoughts into words for myself

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